Preemie。ヲs Parents Support Group was founded as 。ァTsan Yuk Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital Preemie。ヲs Support Group。ィ in 1994 by a group of enthusiastic parents with the support and guidance of the hospital。ヲs professionals. Their NICU-discharged babies now lead normal healthy lives. PPSG was established to provide parents of new NICU babies a channel to exchange experiences and opinions; emotional and psychological support during their stressful time. To enhance further development and to achieve our goal, PPSG was formally registered under the Societies Ordinance of Hong Kong in 2007. To view our bylaws, please click here.


To share parents。ヲ knowledge about preemies and to encourage their mutual support and assistance.

2. To improve parents。ヲ knowledge of premature baby care and to encourage mutual parent support.
3. To soothe parents。ヲ anxieties through support.
4. To enhance communication between parents and medical professionals.

A. In-hospital


To reduce parents。ヲ anxieties through visits and telephone support from members.

2. To organize meetings between in-care and member parents to share experiences.
B. Post-discharge
1. To provide premature baby care information.
2. To organize seminars that increase parents。ヲ understanding of premature babies.
3. To arrange regular social gatherings to foster friendship and mutual support
 Executive Committee for 2014-2015
Chairperson Olivia Lee
Vice-Chair Rina Kar
Treasurer Annie Ho
Secretary Jennifer Wilson
Assistant Secretary Jennifer Wilson
General Members Alice Ng, Heidi Sung, Stephanie Choi, Winnie Chow
 Executive Committee for 2012- 2013
Chairperson Annie Ho
Vice-Chair Olivia Lee
Treasurer Pauline Wan
Secretary Heidi Sung
General Members Lysanna Chan, Sheung-Tak Cheng, Wines Lai, Katie Leung,Rina Kar
 Honorary Advisors

Ms. Benedetta Wong (Honorary Chairperson)
Dr NS Tsoi (Consultant, Queen Mary Hospital)
Dr Barbara Lam (B Lam Baby & Child Healthcare Centre)
Ms May Yeung (Nurse Specialist, Queen Mary Hospital)
Ms Cecilia So (Retired Nursing Officer)
Ms Eliza Chang (Honorary Legal Advisor)