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If you have reached this site, you probably have a baby who was recently born prematurely. You may be very worried and occasionally depressed, and worse, you find few people with whom you can share your feelings and experiences.

PPSG is a non-profit organization formed by people who have gone through the same experience and agony that you face, and who are willing to listen to, and share our own experiences with, you.

Preemies face many challenges not only during the inpatient period, but also after discharge and beyond. They have developmental trajectories that are different from full-terms. Because of this, even parents whose children have grown up and become adults themselves are still actively affiliated with PPSG so as to benefit from the continuous mutual support among parents, as well as to share their valuable experiences with those whose children are younger. PPSG provides support not only for parents of newborn babies, but also for all parents with children born on or before 34 gestation weeks.

If you wish to talk to someone, you are welcome to contact us. We will find a parent whose baby was born under similar circumstances, or face similar medical issues, to talk to you.

We hope you will find valuable information and insight on our website.